The compilations that I post here were originally made for my own enjoyment and that of my family, but out of the generosity of my heart I want to share them with the world ! They are made with tracks from my own vinyl collection but also from tracks that I've collected trough the years from all over the internet. It's impossible to credit the original poster, but consider yourself utterly thanked.

1 sep. 2019

Mellow Yellow Fellow

Monsieur Maurice presents to you the 'British answer to Dylan'. A Mellow Yellow Fellow... A Sunshine Superman... Donovan.


    1 Sunshine Superman - Enoch Light
    2 Mellow Yellow - Noel Trevlac
    3 Jennifer Juniper - The Sandpipers
    4 Oh Gosh - Sandie Shaw
    5 Skip-A-Long Sam - Cleo Laine
    6 Epistle To Dippy - The John Schroeder Orchestra
    7 Season Of The Witch - Enoch Light
    8 Catch the Wind - The Nirvana Sitar and String Group
    9 Wear Your Love Like Heaven - Eartha Kitt
    10 Hurdy Gurdy Man - Button-Down Brass
    11 Trans-Love Airways - Big Jim Sullivan
    12 First There is a Mountain - Cal Tjader
    13 Colours - Shake Keane
    14 Mellow Yellow - Big Maybelle
    15 Sunny Goodge Street - Judy Collins
    16 Be Not Too Hard - Joan Baez
    17 Lalena - Anita Kerr Singers
    18 Young Girl Blues - Marianne Faithfull
    19 Hurdy Gurdy Man - Eartha Kitt
    20 Turquoise - Joan Baez
    21 Atlantis - Electronic Concept Orchestra
    22 Sunny Googe Street - The Mystic Moods Orchestra
    23 Poor Cow - Vic Lewis & His Orchestra
    24 Wear Your Love Like Heaven - Peggy Lipton

24 tracks of psychedelic colors drifting on essence of Patchouli.
Enjoy man !

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