The compilations that I post here were originally made for my own enjoyment and that of my family, but out of the generosity of my heart I want to share them with the world ! They are made with tracks from my own vinyl collection but also from tracks that I've collected trough the years from all over the internet. It's impossible to credit the original poster, but consider yourself utterly thanked.

15 apr. 2018

3 High Pitced Brothers

After 'Sir Tom' and 'Sir Elton', Monsieur Maurice presents a tribute to another bunch of 'Sirs' : The high pitched voices of Barry, Robin and ...Maurice.
25 of their best songs Monsieur Maurice style, collected especially for you.

01 Holiday - Anita Kerr Singers
02 I Started A Joke - The Flying Guitar
03 First Of May - The Mystic Moods Orchestra
04 New York Mining Disaster 1941 - The Robert Stigwood Orchestra
05 I Can't See Nobody - Nina Simone
06 How Can You Mend A Broken Heart - Peter Nero
07 I've Gotta Get A Message To You - Percy Sledge
08 How Deep Is Your Love - The Salsoul Strings
09 Massachusetts - Fausto Papetti
10 Tragedy - Frank Chacksfield & his Orchestra
11 Night Fever - Kai Warner
12 Stayin' Alive - Geoff Love
13 Nights On Broadway - Candi Staton
14 More Than A Woman - The Salsoul Strings
15 Too Much Heaven - Claudette Miller & The Ebony Sisters
16 Words - Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra
17 And The Sun Will Shine - The Mystic Moods Orchestra
18 Morning Of My Life (In The Morning) - The Robert James Orchestra
19 World - Robert Stigwood Orchestra
20 To Love Somebody - Nina Simone
21 Run To Me - Fausto Papetti
22 Don't Forget to Remember - Kai Warner
23 You Should Be Dancing - Les Reed
24 Spicks and Specks - The Button Down Brass
25 Words (passo doblé) - Alan Tew Orchestra

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