The compilations that I post here were originally made for my own enjoyment and that of my family, but out of the generosity of my heart I want to share them with the world ! They are made with tracks from my own vinyl collection but also from tracks that I've collected trough the years from all over the internet. It's impossible to credit the original poster, but consider yourself utterly thanked.

16 jan. 2018

A blast from the past

Way back when... in the first incarnation of Chez Monsieur Maurice, I posted the very first compilations that I've made.  These are created out of my personal record collection and are all my own rips. Not really a theme here, just some good ol' easy tunes for your Easy Living !

01    Vivre pour vivre - The Music Mood Orchestra          
02    If - Tony Mottola                              
03    I'm a woman - Peggy Lee                          
04    Blues in the night - Ted Heath and his music          
05    Moon River - Gran Orquestra Popular              
06    Downtown - Sounds Orchestral                      
07    I Love Paris - Terry Snyder & the All-Stars              
08    Promise her anything - Bobby Byrne & his Orchestra      
09    Girl Talk - The Coffee Set                          
10    Laura - George Chisholm                          
11    Theme from Love Story - Tony Mottola              
12    Baia - David Carroll and his Orchestra              
13    Perfidia - Manuel and the Music of the Mountains      
14    More - Garry Blake and his Music                  
15    How Insensitive - Manuel and the Music of the Mountains  
16    Where do I begin - Mike Sammes Singers              
17    The shadow of your smile - Billy Vaughn              
18    And I Love Her - Enoch Light                      
19    Stay - Nelson Riddle                              
20    A whiter shade of pale - Wout Steenhuis        

7 opmerkingen:

  1. THIS is the stuff that has kept me coming back all these years!

    1. Thank you Bill for your support. I'm sorry for the delay in this reaction, but I just discovered it inside a place where it didn't belong, the spam folder.
      Kind regards,
      Monsieur Maurice

  2. A beautiful collection of easy listening music and artists. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. I miss you, Heidi, so I've come back to your place. How's everything going? I'll lesten to this selection. Made by you it has to be good!! Big hug

    1. Hi Alberto,
      Everything is going fine. Still enjoying the music. Hope you like the comp. Go check the Undun post. I've updated the files for you.


  4. I'm happy you're fine. Enjoying the music is still worthy!! I'll check'em out right now. Thanks in advance!