25 feb. 2012

Let's go Continental...

...in the capable 'Magic' hands of Judd Solo.
A nice one. Beautiful arrangements. Nothing 'out of the ordinary' or 'new'... just good,  lush and sophisticated sounds.

Side 1
01 Memories of Heidelburg
02 A Man  and A Woman
03 La Playa
04 The Harry Lime Theme (The Third Man)
05 Arrivederci Roma
06 You're my World

Side 2
01 The Liars
02 Under the Linden Tree
03 Break it to me Gently
04 It Must be Him
05 Carlos Theme
06 Guantanamera

A perfect soundtrack for a Sunday morning !

This is the last one in the Studio2Stereo theme.
Next week... come and see !

18 feb. 2012

Big and Bold

This week an album with a very BIG sound. It's Ron Goodwin's 'Rhythm & Romance'. It has a very 'retro' feel about it, especially when you consider that it's recorded in 1976. If I would have to make a guess on the orchestration alone, I would date it 20 years earlier. But the 70's classic 'Send in the Clowns' is a giveaway.

Lots of 'classics' on this one :

Side 1
01 South Rampart Street Parade
02 Temptation
03 Cherokee
04 Jealousy
05 I'll see you in my dreams
06 Brazil

Side 2
01 Stardust
02 Deep Purple
03 Laura
04 The Touch of your Lips
05 Return my Love
06 Send in The Clowns

imo you can never go wrong with 'Laura'

12 feb. 2012

Studio 2 Stereo at it's best

Today I present to you the album 'Warm & Gentle' by the 'John Cameron Orchestra'. It's studio 2 stereo at it's best in my opinion. Not a bad track on this one. It's sweet and gentle yet sophisticated... The perfect soundtrack for your valentine dinner.

Side 1
01 Warm and Gentle
02 Let's go to San Francisco
03 When lights are low
04 Here, there and everywhere
05 You'd be so nice to come home to
06 Silence is golden

Side 2
01 Mexico (Sand and Foam)
02 Till there was you
03 Feed the birds (Tuppence a bag)
04 Autumn leaves
05 Once there was you
06 Summertime

Spread the love and see ya !

6 feb. 2012

The wonderfull world of Studio2Stereo

February is gonna be Studio2Stereo month. You're gonna get 4  examples of my collection from that label. We'll kick of with 'Hammond Hits the Continent' from Harry Stoneham.

Side 1
01 Oh, Oh, July - La Felicidad - Iron Horse
02 Love Theme from 'Romeo and Juliet' - L'Avventura
03 Popcorn - A Place in the Sun
04 Mamy Blue - Luglio
05 Les Champs Elysees - Monsieur Dupont
06 Borriquito - Gruezi Wohl, Frau Stirnimaa - Dum Dum

Side 2
01 Turn On The Sun - Fin De Semana - Cantar Y Cantar
02 Cuando Sali De Cuba - Guantanamera
03 Maria, Maria - Tzeinerlin
04 Costa Brava - Il Paradiso Della Vita - Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep
05 Trop Belle Pour Rester Seul - Viens Avec Nous - Freedom

Now I must confess, if there are 2 things that I don't like in easy listening, it's hammond organ music and medley's... So you are getting a record that I'm really not that fond about, because it is not my taste.
It doesn't mean that it isn't any good... It's just not my taste...
But the hammond and Stonheham lovers out there can always use the comments section to convince me that I'm wrong.