29 okt. 2011

A Study in Stereophonic High Fidelity

Actually I wanted to post the BBC sound effects record 'Even More Death And Horror', ya know, with  Halloween comin' up and all... But to my 'horror' I saw that someone beat me to it the other day, at our pal Doug's. I can't remember who, but it's thanks to them that today you are getting this one.

Side 1
00 Demonstration of High Fidelity Stereophonic Sound

Side 2
01 Bridgehampton Road Races
02 Fire Engines
03 Tree being felled
04 Mexican Bull fights
05 Subway's
06 Close Order drill
07 Tanks
08 Machine Guns
09 Pistol Shots
10 Ricochets
11 Cannons
12 "Hell Drivers"

I hope you will enjoy this final installment of the stereo demonstration series.
Next week, we'll do another theme !
What 'll it be ??? Come and see !

22 okt. 2011

Sound Effects : Action Stereo !

This is a sound effects album that I want to present to you mainly because of it's stunning coverart. It's a Dutch pressing, an there isn't a designers name  to be found. It reminds me of the work of Dick Bruna and his book cover designs for 'Zwarte Beertjes'.
If anyone can shed some light on this. Please let me know.

Side 1
01 Stereo Balancing Test
02 Third Race at the Aquaduct
03 Thunder and Lightning
04 Homeward Bound
05 Target Shooting
06 Fire Engine Ride in Traffic

Side 2
01 Harbor Scene
02 Ten Pin Bowling
03 Ping Pong Match
04 Vehicle Sounds
05 Trains

Only sound effects on this one, and a stereo balance test. Be careful with the 'target shooting track. It's LOUD !

9 okt. 2011

Audiant Stereo Demonstration

Today I present to you 2 records. They're demonstration records to show off your high end stereo equipment. Because the A-side is filled with classical music, I ripped the 2 B-sides for you so you get one full record of easy listening.

Audiant 73
Side 2
101 Manuel and the Music of the Mountains - Mascara Negres
102 Franck Pourcel and his Orchestra - Je n'aurai pas le temps
103 The Mike Sammes Singers - Tip Toe Thru' the Tulips
104 The Combined Bands of B.M.C. "Fairey" Fodens - Wee McGregor Patrol
105 Ron Goodwin and his Orchestra - The Gipsy Fiddler
106 The Royal Guitar Ensemble - Haunted Guitar

Audiant 76
Side 2
201 Franck Pourcell  et son grand Orchestre - Blue Concerto
202 Royal Opera House Orchestra, Covent Garden - Mrs. Tiggy Winkle's Laundry
203 Paul Kuhn and the SFB-Big Band - Song Of India
204 Ron Goodwin and his Orchestra - Miss Marple's Theme
205 The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett - Maria Elena
206 The Shadows - Good Vibrations

The Manuel track is great, as always. And Pourcell's Je n'aurai pas le temps (If I only Had Time) is just beautiful. But the Mike Sammes Singers are absolutely the top with Tip Toe Thru' The Tulips. And The Shadows bring a decent Good Vibrations too.

1 okt. 2011

October theme : Stereo Spectacular Demonstration & Sound Effects

New month, new theme !
Let's do stereo samplers and demonstration records.
I have a soft spot for stereo demonstration and sound effects records. Why ? I dunno... The nerdy-ness of the technical facts that are given, the goofy jokes they implement, the fact that I still can be in awe of the effect of stereo when it travels through the room.
 First an Audio Fidelity record.
Side 1 has the tech speak, the jokes, the testing. Side 2 has samples of a variety of Audio Fidelity Albums.

Side 1
00 Stereo Spectacular Demonstration & Sound Effects (Part 1)

Side 2
01 El Gustino - El Hombre Mexicano
02 Saints - Al Hirt at Dan's Pier
03 Torna  A Sorrento - International Guitars
04 Voce E Eu - Rhythm & Sound of Bossa Nova
05 Jes' Fruggin' - Jet Set Dance Discotheque, Vol 1
06 Tamale Wagon - The Dragsters
07 No More Tomorrows - Jet Set Dance Discotheque, Vol 4 feat. The Teemates
08 Medium War - Sound Effects, Vol 6
09 Motorcycles - Motorcycle Scramble Sound Effects
10 Reveille; Assembly; Charge-Bugle Calls - Sound Effects, Vol 7
11 King Cotton - Circus Carnival Calliope
12 Helena Polka - Johnny Puleo & Harmonica Gang, Vol 7
13 Cindy - Bawdy Songs & Backroom Ballads, Vol 4