25 dec. 2011

Monsieur Maurice's ultimate gift

It's Christmas... so Monsieur Maurice presents you all his ultimate gift. It's another compilation but it's somewhat different.

I've made a selection of Classical tunes with a progressive twist. Also added  some songs from well known progressive Rock bands that fit in this compilation. As you will see these are mostly contributions from Dutch bands like 'Focus' and 'Ekseption'. Also some solo work from 'Thijs Van Leer', who was a member of 'Focus'. But there's some Apollo 100 and Johnny Pearson in there too.
Maybe you'll think this is not your cup of tea... It's no easy listening. But I urge you to give it a try. There are some stunningly beautiful pieces of music in there.

1    Concerto pour une Voix -  Saint Preux  (voix : D Licari)
2    Carmen Elysium - Thijs Van Leer  (voix : Letty De Jong)
3    Little x plus - Ekseption
4    Benny Helder - Focus
5    Air - Ekseption
6    Le Concert Sous-Marin - Saint Preux
7    Dance Macabre - Apollo 100
8    Hocus Pocus - Focus
9    Scarlatti Potion N° 9 - Sounds Orchestral
10    Focus II - Thijs van Leer (voix : Letty De Jong)
11    Sylvia - Focus
12    Tamara - Apollo 100
13    Introspection - Thijs van Leer (voix : Letty De Jong)
14    Introspection II - Thijs van Leer (voix : Letty De Jong)
15    Air on a 'G' String - Apollo 100
16    Focus II  - Focus
17    Libido - Apollo 100
18    Listening to Mozart - Apollo 100      
19    Also Sprach Zarathustra - Johnny Pearson Orchestra
20    Focus IV - Focus 
21    A Capella Serenade - Sisters of Charm
22    Concerto Pour Deux Voix - Saint Preux (voix : Clemence & Jean-Baptiste Maunier)

As you can see, tracks n° 10 and 16 are both named Focus II. That's because they are the same piece of music. It's a composition from Thijs Van Leer while he was in the band Focus. Later on he used it again in his solo projects on the 'Introspection' albums. But then he brought it in a more classical way. The voice you'll hear is the great (late) Letty De Jong. Absolutely stunning.
You'll also find the n° 1 track and the n° 22 track are (almost) the same. That's because they are the same ;-) But the Concerto pour une Voix is the original 1969 recording, while the n° 22 track (the only non-vinyl rip on this blog) Concerto pour Deux Voix is a remake (2005) with the voices of Saint Preux's  daughter Clemence and Jean-Baptiste Meunier (known from his role in the film Les Choristes / The Choir - wonderful movie !!! a must see)

I wish you all a merry Christmas. All the best to you and your loved ones.
This will be the last 'gift' from Monsieur Maurice. Next week we'll start another theme.

18 dec. 2011

Monsieur Maurice keeps giving !

More than 40 000 guest payed a visit to Chez Monsieur Maurice. Thank you all. And for those who said "Thanks"... You and your kind words give me the energy to keep on digging trough my collection, and taking the time to give you all something new again every week.

So, today the third installment of the Easy Living compilations.
This one is my personal favorite. It's 'easy' and 'smooth'... Tell me if you like.

1    Goin' Out Of My Head /Can't Take My Eyes of off you - Floyd Cramer
2    Baby Elephant Walk - Quincy Jones & his Orchestra
3    Windows of the World - Pete Jolly   
4    This Guy    - Duncan Lamont & his Orchestra
5    Call me - Nancy Wilson
6    Theme from ' Valley of the Dolls' - Floyd Cramer
7    Sunny - Floyd Cramer
8    Ode To Billy Joe - Duncan Lamont & his Orchestra
9    Mission - Impossible Theme - Floyd Cramer
10    MacArthur Park - Duncan Lamont & his Orchestra
11    Love So Fine - Pete Jolly
12    And I love him - Nancy Wilson   
13    Hey Jude - Duncan Lamont & his Orchestra
14    Desafinado - Quincy Jones & his Orchestra
15    Both Sides Now - Ken Moule
16    Misty Morning - Ken Moule
17    My one and only love - Nancy Wilson           
18    Goodbye to love - Ken Moule   
19    Comin' Home Baby - Quincy Jones & his Orchestra
20    Sunny - Nancy Wilson

Again a labor of love shared with you all.

10 dec. 2011

Another gift from Monsieur Maurice

Today I present to you my second volume of Easy Living. Again it's a rather odd collection of personal favorites. Again it was made for my sister, who helps me to expand my record collection, but in return asks for these compilations.

1    Peanut Vendor - Ted Heath and his music           
2    Istanbul - Command All-Stars                       
3    Hernando's Hidaway - Dick Schory's Percussion and Brass
4    Guantanemera -  Chaquito                       
5    My Funny Valentine - Los Admiradores               
6    Tabu - Terry Snyder                               
7    Mondo Cane - Gran Orquestre Popular de las Americas     
8    Sukiyaki - Gran Orquestra Popular de las Americas         
9    Rainy night in Georgia - Nelson Riddle               
10    Something in the way he Moves - Peggy Lee           
11    It's too late - Tony Mottola                           
12    California Dreaming - Wes Montgomery                 
13    Tammy - Gran Orquestra Popular                   
14    Eloïse - Franck Pourcel                           
15    Friendly Persuasion - Los Admiradores               
16    Laura - Franck Pourcel                           
17    Windy - Wes Montgomery                           
18    I want to hold your hand - Enoch Light               
19    Tico-Tico - Tony Motolla                           
20    Wichita lineman - The music mood orchestra   

This compilation was a labor of love. I hope you'll enjoy it.

3 dec. 2011

A gift from Monsieur Maurice

Because it's the holiday season (well almost), Monsieur Maurice decided to treat you all with a bunch of gifts in this December month.
I've made a few compilations called 'Easy Living'. It's a bit of an eclectic mix of tracks, chosen from my record collection.

01    Vivre pour vivre - The music mood orchestra           
02    If - Tony Mottola                               
03    I'm a woman - Peggy Lee                           
04    Blues in the night - Ted Heath and his music           
05    Moon River - Gran Orquestra Popular               
06    Downtown - Sounds Orchestral                       
07    I Love Paris - Terry Snyder & the All-Stars               
08    Promise her anything - Bobby Byrne & his orchestra       
09    Girl Talk - The Coffee Set                           
10    Laura - George Chisholm                           
11    Theme from Love Story - Tony Mottola               
12    Baia - David Carroll and his Orchestra               
13    Perfidia - Manuel and the Music of the Mountains       
14    More - Garry Blake and his Music                   
15    How Insensitive - Manuel and the Music of the Mountains   
16    Where do I begin - Mike Sammes Singers               
17    The shadow of your smile - Billy Vaughn               
18    And I Love Her - Enoch Light                       
19    Stay - Nelson Riddle                               
20    A whiter shade of pale - Wout Steenhuis           

I've made these compilations some time ago as a gift for my sister who provides me with interesting finds from flea markets and such. Now I want to share them with you all.
Some tracks you'll recognize from previous posts. Some are new.
I hope you'll enjoy them. They are made with love.