30 apr. 2011

Goin' Out Of My Head - Nancy Wilson

Listen with me to the wonderful Mrs. Wilson.

Side 1
01 Goin' out of my head
02 Yesterday
03 No one else but you
04 The shadow of your smile
05 Uptight (everything 's alright)

Side 2
01 You've got your troubles
02 And I love him
03 Call me
04 You're gonna hear from me

Nice uptempo versions of the songs. Makes you wanna dance  !
I loooove 'Call Me'. But all of the tracks on the A side are pretty d*mn good too.

22 apr. 2011

Ferrante & Teicher - A Bouquet of Hits

Some Ferrante & Teicher for you all.
Nice renditions from the hits of the moment.

Side 1
01 Mac Arthur Park
02 By The Time I Get To Phoenix
03 Love Is Blue (l'amour est blue)
04 Theme From "Valley Of The Dolls"
05 Two Different Worlds
06 Mozart Piano Concerto N° 21 in C Major

Side 2
01 The Good, The Bad And Te Ugly
02 Honey
03 Goin' Out Of My Head
04 A Man Without Love (Quando M 'Innamoro)
05 Sunny
06 Why

I love the first 4 tracks on the A side. On the B side I my favorites are 'Goin' ot of my head' and ' Sunny'.

15 apr. 2011

Disappearing Links

It seems that a bunch of my RS Links have been taken down. As someone told me in one of the comments, the cover of Grammy Winners (of others that have some nudity on them) could have offended someone...
So I guess I'm going to have to censor these beautiful examples of coverart from now on...
It's such a shame.
I'm going to continue with my weekly posts and hope this all will blow over.


9 apr. 2011

Grammy Winners - Shoji Yokoughi Quartet and Symphonic Fusion

Another nice one for you all from Mr. Guitar Shoji Yokoughi.
As you will notice Mr Yokoughi's name is misspelled on the record jacket. Or maybe it's an alternative spelling... I don't know. My Japanese doesn't reach beyond konichiwa and arigato.

Side 1
01 Copacabana (at the Copa)
02 Just The Way You Are
03 Hotel California
04 Killing Me Softly With His Song
05 I Honestly Love You

Side 2
01 This Masquerade
02 You Light Up My Life
03 Love Will Keep Us Together
04 The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
05 You've Got A Friend

My personal favorites are the beautiful versions of Hotel California, Killing Me Softly and This Masquerade.
As always, go check out the comments.

2 apr. 2011

Discover Me - Roland Shaw

Put on your knitted Hot-Pants and dance !!!

Side 1
01 More
02 Our Day Will Come
03 I Walk Alone
04 The Surrey With The Fringe On Top

Side 2
01 Bubbling Brown Sugar
02 The Entertainer
03 Discover Me
04 How High The Moon

Check out the fantastic version of 'More', and 'The Surrey With The Fringe On Top' never sounded more funky.

This album is also known with this coverart :

Enjoy !