26 mrt. 2011

Sounds Mexico - Tony Mottola

Another Command upload for you.
Again my favorite Tony Mottola.

Side 1
01 La Raspa
02 Quando vuelva a tu lado (What a difference a day makes)
03 Tijuana Taxi
04 Vaya Con Dios
05 Peligro Bossa Nova (Danger)
06 Baile de Venezuala

Side 2
01 Baia
02 Cavaquinho
03 Cuando Calienta el Sol (Love me with all your heart)
04 La Mentira (Se Te Olvida)
05 Recado Bossa Nova
06 Yo Te Amo
Great lineup on this one with Doc Severinsen, Phil Kraus etç...
My absolutely favorite tracks on this one are : Quando vuelva a tu lado, Quando Calienta el Sol and Recado Bossa Nova.
You might know this album with the cover below.

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12 mrt. 2011

Pete Murray Presents Ken Moule and the Full Score Orchestra

I've found a nice one for you all today.

Side 1
01 Both Sides Now
02 The Summer Knows
03 Misty Morning
04 What are you doing the rest of your life ?
05 Candlelight Lovers

Side 2
01 Baby I'm a want you
02 Sunflower
03 If I thought you'd ever change your mind
04 If
05 Goodbye to love
06 Autumn Wine

A few well known pop standards, a few compositions from the man himself... All beautifully executed.
Listen to the first track 'Both Sides Now'... you'll  know what I mean.
Great stuff !
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5 mrt. 2011

Serenata - Pete Jolly

A nice album for you today

Side 1
01 Windows of the World
02 Serenata
03 Like A Lover
04 Little Green Apples
05 Dancing in the Street

Side 2
01 What The World needs Now
02 The Look of Love
03 Whistle While you Work
04 Love So Fine
05 Give A Damn

My favorite track is "Windows of the World". I love those Bacharach tunes and this is one fine interpretation. Then you have a finger snappin' jazz gem "Little Green Apples".  Side two contains mostly live recordings. Check out the wicked version of "Whistle While You Work".
Herb Alpert produced and wrote the liner notes on the back.
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2 mrt. 2011

Premiers Désirs - Soundtrack

'Cause it was Oscar night and all... I present to you a soundtrack that I bought as a teenager in '83.

I was sixteen (you can do the math...) Hopelessly romantic and absolutely crazy about the photography of David Hamilton. I guess he was more common in Europe... Girls my age had his photographs on their bedroom-walls. The only problem was that I couldn't go see his movies because the were +18.
So I bought the soundtracks, and dreamt my own movie... (which were probably better than the real stuff cause his movies where not that great...)
The soundtracks of Bilitis and Laura are easy to find on the net. This one is rare.
It has some beautiful theme's. They reoccur in the different tracks. The soundtrack reminds me a bit of Michel Legrand's Summer of '42.
I know it's somewhat different than the usual stuff in this blog, but hey... you can be brave...

Side 1
01 Premiers Désirs
02 Découverte de Caroline
03 Julia Drake, Pianiste
04 A Travers le Voile
05 En Bateau
06 L'Eté, Les Jeunes Filles
07 Le Port du Départ

Side 2
01 Le Premier Eté d'une Jeune Fille                                                                  
02 Découverte du Plaisir
03 La Nuit, La Forêt
04 Les Parasols
05 Le Trouble, Sur la Plage
06 La Jetée, Le Miroir, Le Baiser
07 Premiers Désirs (Final)

attention : as you can see the French titles have some é and ê's in them.  This gives some of the 'unzip' applications out there, some trouble. Just use a different program if it doesn't unzip completely.