19 feb. 2011

Yesterday - 3 filles en stéréo The Sisters of Charm

A charming record. The sisters are using the universal language of 'doodahdoo' and 'ladida' with a very nice french accent. I couldn't find much more information about them. It's the only record they've made.

On the back cover of the album the liner note says  (translation)
"A combination of Ray Conniff and the Swingle Singers, that's how you can describe The Sisters of Charm. Their sparkling interpretation gives a new dimension to these world hits."

Side 1
01 Yesterday
02 In a little Spanish Town
03 A Capella Serenade
04 Calcutta
05 People
06 Sweet Trip

Side 2
01 Les Feuilles Mortes
02 I Want to be Happy
03 The Great Way
04 The Sound of Silence
05 Dear Natacha
06 Blowin in the Wind

My favorite tracks are : Yesterday, A Capella Serenade and Sweet Trip.
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13 feb. 2011

Duncan Lamont - This Guy

This one is a jewel.
I found it the day before yesterday in a secondhand shop in my hometown.
An absolute funky gem.

Side 1
01 Ode To Billy Joe
02 This Guy
03 Hey Jude
04 Those were the days
05 Something in your eyes
06 Eleanor Rigby

Side 2
01 The son of Hickory Holler's Tramp
02 Mrs Robinson
03 Thank you Mr. Harris
04 MacArthur Park
05 Stay in my room

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5 feb. 2011

Ritmos Tropicales - David Carroll and his Orchestra

A nice record from Mercury's Super Stereo Sound series.

Side 1
01 In a little Spanish town
02 The breeze and I ( Andalucia)
03 Heartaches
04 Patricia
05 Besame Mucho
06 Parakeet

Side 2
01 By heck cha-cha-cha
02 Oye negra
03 I could have danced all night
04 Bijou
05 The lamp of memory
06 Baia

As you can see the cover is damaged a bit. Otherwise in fine condition.
My favorite tracks on this one are : In a little Spanish Town, The breeze and I, Besame Mucho and Baia

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