24 jan. 2011

With Love From ... Apollo 100

This is something completely different, but it's something I like very much.

with Love from...
Apollo 100

Side 1
01 Listening to Mozart
02 Tamara
03 Dance Macabre
04 Opus 5
05 Telstar
06 Classical Wind

Side 2
01 Air on a 'G' String
02 Minuet for a funky Lady
03 Jazz Pizzicato
04 Libido
05 Nutrocker
06 Valleys

My favorite tracks are : Listening to Mozart, Tamara, Danse Macabre, Telstar, Air on a 'G' string and Libido.
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11 jan. 2011

Command : Romantic Accordeon - Charles Magnante

Another one from Command.
Some nice Latin tunes on accordeon.

Side 1
01 One Note Samba
02 Always in My Heart
03 Serenata
04 Andalucia (The Breeze And I)
05 The Girl From Ipanema
06 Brazil

Side 2
01 Meditacao
02 Romantic Accordeon
03 Amor
04 O Barquinho
05 Granada
06 Patricia

Great lineup on this one : Of course Charles Magnante on accordeon,  Tony Mottola on guitar, Dick Hyman on piano, Phil Kraus on marimba.
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3 jan. 2011

A small gift to ease the waiting : Enoch Light & The Light Brigade feat. Malcolm Dodds

Raindrops keep falling on my head
Enoch Light &The Light Brigade featuring Malcolm Dodds

Project 3

Side 1
01 Raindrops keep falling on my head

Side 2
01 Alice's Restaurant

A Project 3 promotional single, featuring 2 songs from the album "The Best Of The Movie Themes 1970"

It sounds like the record has been run over by a train, and I'm not particularly fond of the voice of Mr Dodds. But the arrangement on 'Raindrops' is nice (Dick Hyman), and I like  the 'wah-wah' sound.

Enjoy !
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