25 dec. 2011

Monsieur Maurice's ultimate gift

It's Christmas... so Monsieur Maurice presents you all his ultimate gift. It's another compilation but it's somewhat different.

I've made a selection of Classical tunes with a progressive twist. Also added  some songs from well known progressive Rock bands that fit in this compilation. As you will see these are mostly contributions from Dutch bands like 'Focus' and 'Ekseption'. Also some solo work from 'Thijs Van Leer', who was a member of 'Focus'. But there's some Apollo 100 and Johnny Pearson in there too.
Maybe you'll think this is not your cup of tea... It's no easy listening. But I urge you to give it a try. There are some stunningly beautiful pieces of music in there.

1    Concerto pour une Voix -  Saint Preux  (voix : D Licari)
2    Carmen Elysium - Thijs Van Leer  (voix : Letty De Jong)
3    Little x plus - Ekseption
4    Benny Helder - Focus
5    Air - Ekseption
6    Le Concert Sous-Marin - Saint Preux
7    Dance Macabre - Apollo 100
8    Hocus Pocus - Focus
9    Scarlatti Potion N° 9 - Sounds Orchestral
10    Focus II - Thijs van Leer (voix : Letty De Jong)
11    Sylvia - Focus
12    Tamara - Apollo 100
13    Introspection - Thijs van Leer (voix : Letty De Jong)
14    Introspection II - Thijs van Leer (voix : Letty De Jong)
15    Air on a 'G' String - Apollo 100
16    Focus II  - Focus
17    Libido - Apollo 100
18    Listening to Mozart - Apollo 100      
19    Also Sprach Zarathustra - Johnny Pearson Orchestra
20    Focus IV - Focus 
21    A Capella Serenade - Sisters of Charm
22    Concerto Pour Deux Voix - Saint Preux (voix : Clemence & Jean-Baptiste Maunier)

As you can see, tracks n° 10 and 16 are both named Focus II. That's because they are the same piece of music. It's a composition from Thijs Van Leer while he was in the band Focus. Later on he used it again in his solo projects on the 'Introspection' albums. But then he brought it in a more classical way. The voice you'll hear is the great (late) Letty De Jong. Absolutely stunning.
You'll also find the n° 1 track and the n° 22 track are (almost) the same. That's because they are the same ;-) But the Concerto pour une Voix is the original 1969 recording, while the n° 22 track (the only non-vinyl rip on this blog) Concerto pour Deux Voix is a remake (2005) with the voices of Saint Preux's  daughter Clemence and Jean-Baptiste Meunier (known from his role in the film Les Choristes / The Choir - wonderful movie !!! a must see)

I wish you all a merry Christmas. All the best to you and your loved ones.
This will be the last 'gift' from Monsieur Maurice. Next week we'll start another theme.

18 dec. 2011

Monsieur Maurice keeps giving !

More than 40 000 guest payed a visit to Chez Monsieur Maurice. Thank you all. And for those who said "Thanks"... You and your kind words give me the energy to keep on digging trough my collection, and taking the time to give you all something new again every week.

So, today the third installment of the Easy Living compilations.
This one is my personal favorite. It's 'easy' and 'smooth'... Tell me if you like.

1    Goin' Out Of My Head /Can't Take My Eyes of off you - Floyd Cramer
2    Baby Elephant Walk - Quincy Jones & his Orchestra
3    Windows of the World - Pete Jolly   
4    This Guy    - Duncan Lamont & his Orchestra
5    Call me - Nancy Wilson
6    Theme from ' Valley of the Dolls' - Floyd Cramer
7    Sunny - Floyd Cramer
8    Ode To Billy Joe - Duncan Lamont & his Orchestra
9    Mission - Impossible Theme - Floyd Cramer
10    MacArthur Park - Duncan Lamont & his Orchestra
11    Love So Fine - Pete Jolly
12    And I love him - Nancy Wilson   
13    Hey Jude - Duncan Lamont & his Orchestra
14    Desafinado - Quincy Jones & his Orchestra
15    Both Sides Now - Ken Moule
16    Misty Morning - Ken Moule
17    My one and only love - Nancy Wilson           
18    Goodbye to love - Ken Moule   
19    Comin' Home Baby - Quincy Jones & his Orchestra
20    Sunny - Nancy Wilson

Again a labor of love shared with you all.

10 dec. 2011

Another gift from Monsieur Maurice

Today I present to you my second volume of Easy Living. Again it's a rather odd collection of personal favorites. Again it was made for my sister, who helps me to expand my record collection, but in return asks for these compilations.

1    Peanut Vendor - Ted Heath and his music           
2    Istanbul - Command All-Stars                       
3    Hernando's Hidaway - Dick Schory's Percussion and Brass
4    Guantanemera -  Chaquito                       
5    My Funny Valentine - Los Admiradores               
6    Tabu - Terry Snyder                               
7    Mondo Cane - Gran Orquestre Popular de las Americas     
8    Sukiyaki - Gran Orquestra Popular de las Americas         
9    Rainy night in Georgia - Nelson Riddle               
10    Something in the way he Moves - Peggy Lee           
11    It's too late - Tony Mottola                           
12    California Dreaming - Wes Montgomery                 
13    Tammy - Gran Orquestra Popular                   
14    Eloïse - Franck Pourcel                           
15    Friendly Persuasion - Los Admiradores               
16    Laura - Franck Pourcel                           
17    Windy - Wes Montgomery                           
18    I want to hold your hand - Enoch Light               
19    Tico-Tico - Tony Motolla                           
20    Wichita lineman - The music mood orchestra   

This compilation was a labor of love. I hope you'll enjoy it.

3 dec. 2011

A gift from Monsieur Maurice

Because it's the holiday season (well almost), Monsieur Maurice decided to treat you all with a bunch of gifts in this December month.
I've made a few compilations called 'Easy Living'. It's a bit of an eclectic mix of tracks, chosen from my record collection.

01    Vivre pour vivre - The music mood orchestra           
02    If - Tony Mottola                               
03    I'm a woman - Peggy Lee                           
04    Blues in the night - Ted Heath and his music           
05    Moon River - Gran Orquestra Popular               
06    Downtown - Sounds Orchestral                       
07    I Love Paris - Terry Snyder & the All-Stars               
08    Promise her anything - Bobby Byrne & his orchestra       
09    Girl Talk - The Coffee Set                           
10    Laura - George Chisholm                           
11    Theme from Love Story - Tony Mottola               
12    Baia - David Carroll and his Orchestra               
13    Perfidia - Manuel and the Music of the Mountains       
14    More - Garry Blake and his Music                   
15    How Insensitive - Manuel and the Music of the Mountains   
16    Where do I begin - Mike Sammes Singers               
17    The shadow of your smile - Billy Vaughn               
18    And I Love Her - Enoch Light                       
19    Stay - Nelson Riddle                               
20    A whiter shade of pale - Wout Steenhuis           

I've made these compilations some time ago as a gift for my sister who provides me with interesting finds from flea markets and such. Now I want to share them with you all.
Some tracks you'll recognize from previous posts. Some are new.
I hope you'll enjoy them. They are made with love.

28 nov. 2011

My favourite Manuel

To end this november theme I present to you  my favourite Manuel album. It 's exactly as old as I am! It is filled with beautiful music. It sounds fresh.
The original Geoff Love track 'Beyond the Mountains' is a real gem.

Side 1
01 El Rancho Grande
02 Shangri-La
03 The Umbrella's Of Cherbourg
04 Stranger in Paradise
05 Dancers Of El Paso
06 Beyond The Mountains

Side 2
01 Over the Rainbow
02 Spanish Eyes
03 Carnaval In Mexico
04 Lisboa Antigua
05 St. Tropez
06 Arriverderci Roma

 Enjoy !

20 nov. 2011

The birth of Manuel

Geoff Love made this album in 1960, and for the first time he used his 'alter ego' Manuel. It's pre studio2stereo. This album is in MONO. If you want to look for the stereo version, check out the blog 'Easy Listening World'. You can find it in the links section of this blog.

Side 1
01 Mexican Hat Dance
02 You Belong to my Heart (Solamente una vez)
03 Plaza de Toros
04 The Mountains are Crying (Ay Ay Ay)
05 Song of the Barefoot Contessa (My Gypsy Heart)
06 Mexican Lullabye
07 The Wedding Song

Side 2
01 The Three Caballeros
02 Song of the Mountains
03 April in Portugal (Coimbra)
04 Song of Mexico
05 Bolero Gaucho (Without my Lover)
06 Luna Rossa (Blushing Moon)
07 Be Mine (La Paloma)

Enjoy !

12 nov. 2011

Double Feature : Music of the Movies

In 1977, EMI re-issued  the studio 2 stereo Manuel albums 'Sunrise Sunset' and 'Manuel and the Music of the Movies' as a double album. So today you are getting 2 for the price of 1.
They didn't bother much with the coverart. Just took the 'Music of the Movies' sleeve and added the 'blue line' logo.

Side 1 and 2 is the album "Sunrise, Sunset" from 1967. Side 3 and 4 is the album "Manuel and the Music of the Movies" from 1970.

Side 1
01 I, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi (I like you very much)
02 I talk to the trees
03 Sunrise, sunset
04 Softly as in a sunrise
05 Yesterdays
06 Viva Carmen

Side 2
01 Baubles, bangles and beads
02 The song is you
03 Theme from 'the bible'
04 So in love
05 Who can say
06 Carioca

Side 3
01 Wand'rin star
02 Women in love
03 Midnight cowboy
04 Life goes on and on
05 The lonely ones
06 The windmills of your mind

Side 4
01 Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
02 A time for love
03 The story of Santa Vittoria
04 One brief summer
05 On days like these
06 Love theme from Romeo and Juliet

My personal preference goes out to the 1970 album 'Manuel and the Music of the Movies'. It's more 'lush'. The 1967 album 'Sunrise, Sunset' sounds more bubbly.
Enjoy this 'double feature' !

7 nov. 2011

November theme : Manuel

November's going to be Manuel Month !
We start of with Blue Waters by Manuel and The Music Of The Mountains. A nice collection of classic popular tunes. As the liner notes say : "The world of Manuel is timeless." So enjoy this months theme.

Side 1
01 Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
02 Tara's Theme
03 The Man Who Loves You Well
04 Tabu
05 Autumn In Venice
06 Serenata

Side 2
01 Somewhere My Love
02 Blue Waters
03 El Cumbanchero
04 Amanda
05 Autumn Concerto
06 Strangers In The Night

29 okt. 2011

A Study in Stereophonic High Fidelity

Actually I wanted to post the BBC sound effects record 'Even More Death And Horror', ya know, with  Halloween comin' up and all... But to my 'horror' I saw that someone beat me to it the other day, at our pal Doug's. I can't remember who, but it's thanks to them that today you are getting this one.

Side 1
00 Demonstration of High Fidelity Stereophonic Sound

Side 2
01 Bridgehampton Road Races
02 Fire Engines
03 Tree being felled
04 Mexican Bull fights
05 Subway's
06 Close Order drill
07 Tanks
08 Machine Guns
09 Pistol Shots
10 Ricochets
11 Cannons
12 "Hell Drivers"

I hope you will enjoy this final installment of the stereo demonstration series.
Next week, we'll do another theme !
What 'll it be ??? Come and see !

22 okt. 2011

Sound Effects : Action Stereo !

This is a sound effects album that I want to present to you mainly because of it's stunning coverart. It's a Dutch pressing, an there isn't a designers name  to be found. It reminds me of the work of Dick Bruna and his book cover designs for 'Zwarte Beertjes'.
If anyone can shed some light on this. Please let me know.

Side 1
01 Stereo Balancing Test
02 Third Race at the Aquaduct
03 Thunder and Lightning
04 Homeward Bound
05 Target Shooting
06 Fire Engine Ride in Traffic

Side 2
01 Harbor Scene
02 Ten Pin Bowling
03 Ping Pong Match
04 Vehicle Sounds
05 Trains

Only sound effects on this one, and a stereo balance test. Be careful with the 'target shooting track. It's LOUD !

9 okt. 2011

Audiant Stereo Demonstration

Today I present to you 2 records. They're demonstration records to show off your high end stereo equipment. Because the A-side is filled with classical music, I ripped the 2 B-sides for you so you get one full record of easy listening.

Audiant 73
Side 2
101 Manuel and the Music of the Mountains - Mascara Negres
102 Franck Pourcel and his Orchestra - Je n'aurai pas le temps
103 The Mike Sammes Singers - Tip Toe Thru' the Tulips
104 The Combined Bands of B.M.C. "Fairey" Fodens - Wee McGregor Patrol
105 Ron Goodwin and his Orchestra - The Gipsy Fiddler
106 The Royal Guitar Ensemble - Haunted Guitar

Audiant 76
Side 2
201 Franck Pourcell  et son grand Orchestre - Blue Concerto
202 Royal Opera House Orchestra, Covent Garden - Mrs. Tiggy Winkle's Laundry
203 Paul Kuhn and the SFB-Big Band - Song Of India
204 Ron Goodwin and his Orchestra - Miss Marple's Theme
205 The 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett - Maria Elena
206 The Shadows - Good Vibrations

The Manuel track is great, as always. And Pourcell's Je n'aurai pas le temps (If I only Had Time) is just beautiful. But the Mike Sammes Singers are absolutely the top with Tip Toe Thru' The Tulips. And The Shadows bring a decent Good Vibrations too.

1 okt. 2011

October theme : Stereo Spectacular Demonstration & Sound Effects

New month, new theme !
Let's do stereo samplers and demonstration records.
I have a soft spot for stereo demonstration and sound effects records. Why ? I dunno... The nerdy-ness of the technical facts that are given, the goofy jokes they implement, the fact that I still can be in awe of the effect of stereo when it travels through the room.
 First an Audio Fidelity record.
Side 1 has the tech speak, the jokes, the testing. Side 2 has samples of a variety of Audio Fidelity Albums.

Side 1
00 Stereo Spectacular Demonstration & Sound Effects (Part 1)

Side 2
01 El Gustino - El Hombre Mexicano
02 Saints - Al Hirt at Dan's Pier
03 Torna  A Sorrento - International Guitars
04 Voce E Eu - Rhythm & Sound of Bossa Nova
05 Jes' Fruggin' - Jet Set Dance Discotheque, Vol 1
06 Tamale Wagon - The Dragsters
07 No More Tomorrows - Jet Set Dance Discotheque, Vol 4 feat. The Teemates
08 Medium War - Sound Effects, Vol 6
09 Motorcycles - Motorcycle Scramble Sound Effects
10 Reveille; Assembly; Charge-Bugle Calls - Sound Effects, Vol 7
11 King Cotton - Circus Carnival Calliope
12 Helena Polka - Johnny Puleo & Harmonica Gang, Vol 7
13 Cindy - Bawdy Songs & Backroom Ballads, Vol 4

25 sep. 2011

September Theme : Part Of Series : Class of '71

Today the third and last installment of the 'Part Of a Previously Posted Series' theme. Floyd Cramer showed us his class in Class of '68 here at Chez Monsieur Maurice. And with this album he proves that he's still got it in '71. Although I must admit that, in the meantime, he has lost his good looks...

Side 1
01 Joy to the World
02 Stay Awhile
03 Fire and Rain
04 Theme from "Love Story"
05 One Toke Over the Line

Side 2
01 Proud Mary
02 It's Imposible
03 For All We Know
04 When There's No You
05 Mr. Bojangles

A meager 10 tracks on this one. My personal favorites are 'Stay Awhile', 'Fire and Rain' and from the B side 'It's Impossible' and the beautiful 'When There's No You' (notice the little 'sample' of the aria Vesti la Giubba from Pagliacci !)

17 sep. 2011

September Theme : Part of Series : episode two

Remember a year ago, when I posted my Mystery Record ? Dynamic Mood Music In Sound Effect
Well I found another one, with the equally 'fortune cookie-esque' title 'Dynamic Guitar Mood Special'. This time by Shoji Yokouchi & the Blue Dreamers.

Dynamic Guitar Mood Special - Shoji Yokouchi & the Blue Dreamers

Side 1
01  El Condor Pasa
02  Love Me Tonight
03  Moon Glow
04  La Pioggia
05  I'll Never Fall In Love Again
06  Maria Elena

Side 2
01 Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
02 The Malthese Melody
03 Star Dust
04 Concerto Pour Une Voix
05 Rain
06 Ebb Tide

I really love El Condor Pasa, in which the use of the 'Koto' (I guess, correct me if I'm wrong !) works really well. But for the rest of it, I prefer the more sedate numbers. Moonglow, I'll never fall In Love (Bacharach never gets old...), Star Dust, Rain and Ebb Tide. But that's just a matter of taste.
I especially want to mention 'Concerto Pour Une Voix', which is a beautiful piece of Saint-Preux. A French composer of classical  contemporary music. It became a real hit in the '70's, apparently also in Japan.
I also noticed that the track-listing of these two albums have some songs in common. I guess those were the big 'hits' of the moment in Japan and it is nice to hear the different interpretations of these songs.

10 sep. 2011

Let's do Themes !

Let's do monthly themes ! This makes it more fun for me to select the records that I want to post.
Let's do themes and start with 'Serials'. Records that are part of series, previously posted at Chez Monsieur Maurice.
First up, a companion for  Great Songs Of The Beatles

Great Songs of Bacharach & David

Side 1
01 The Lettermen - This Guy's in Love With You
02 Matt Monro - (They Long To Be) Close To You
03 San Fernando Brass & Voices - Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
04 Al Martino - I'm A Better Man
05 The Sounds Of Our Times - The Look Of Love

Side 2
01 The Lettermen - Walk On By
02 The Sounds Of Our Times - Who Is Gonna Love Me
03 Tony Sandler & Ralph Young - What The World Needs Now
04 Al de Lory - Make It Easy On Yourself
05 Peggy Lee - (There's) Always Something There to Remind Me

As in the 'Beatles - version' we have songs done by 'The Lettermen, The Sounds Of Our Times and Peggy Lee, + a few other names.
A 1972 Quadraphonic pressing.

3 sep. 2011

Monsieur Maurice is Back !!!

After hibernating and sulking for a few months because that 'frakkin' turntable didn't function the way I wanted, we are finally back where we left of.
The turntable is working, but not trough USB as it was supposed to...
The record collection is growing, and I'm glad to be posting again. 
I'm presenting to you the album "At Your Request". A compilation album from 1989, featuring a selection of listeners most requested tracks by renowned artists, from the BBC Radio 2 show "At Your Request".
 Peggy Lee's version of 'Me and My Shadow' is absolutely fabulous....

Side 1
01 One Morning in May - Mat Monro
02 You and Me Against The World - Helen Reddy
03 Bring Him Home - Cantabile
04 Everything's Coming Up Roses - Shirley Bassey
05 Me And My Shadow - Peggy Lee
06 Fancy Meeting You Here - Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney
07 Pretty Butterfly - Vic Damone
08 Days Of Wine And Roses - Henri Mancini

Side 2
01 A Man And A Woman - Andy Williams
02 If I Were A Bell - Doris Day
03 Autumn In New York - Johnny Mathis
04 If Ever I Would Leave You - Robert Goulet
05 The Second Time Around - Mel Tormé
06 I Concentrate On You - Lena Horne
07 The Very Thought Of You - Tony Bennett
08 Dancing In The Dark - Manuel And The Music Of The Mountains
Tomorrow I'm going crate diggin' at a huge garage sale / flea market in a small town near Antwerp. It's an annual event, and I'm really looking forward to it. I hope I'm gonna find a few gems there... I always do. I'll keep you posted.

Damn... It's good to be back

23 mei 2011

Monsieur Maurice has got his new turntable to work !

I told you all about the fact that Monsieur Maurice bought himself a new turntable, and how I couldn't get it to work on my Mac. Well... I finally got it. I've got to use a little device called iMic which I fortunately already owned, and I'm using the Griffin software  Final Vinyl to record everything.
Now it's wait and see if the software captures the music properly.
As a try out project I'm currently capturing a BBC record called "At Your Request - David Jacobs - Your 16 Favourite Tracks" It's a compilation album from 1989, featuring a selection of listeners most requested tracks by renowned artists, from the Radio 2 programme "At Your Request".
It features the best rendition of 'Me And My Shadow' I have ever heard, by the marvelous Peggy Lee.

I will let you all know how my project turned out.

See ya,

17 mei 2011

DMCA Takedown

Due to a DMCA notification I removed the links to my last 2 posts.
If you want to discuss these records with me, you can always send me an e-mail.
You can find the adres in my profile.


16 mei 2011

Tequila - Wes Montgomery

 Today I present to you a great jazz album.
Smooth and finger snappin' grooves.

Side 1
01 Tequila
02 Little Child (Daddy Dear)
03 What The World Needs Now Is Love
04 The Big Hurt

Side 2
01 Bumpin' On Sunset
02 How Insensitive (Insensatez)
03 The Tumb
04 Midnight Mood

You might recognize this album with this cover and with a few more alternate tracks.

I'm sorry about the delay in posting but I'm experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment. Monsieur Maurice decided that he wanted a new turntable. So he bought one online. It's a nifty, sturdy, 10 kilo heavy thing. And I'm very pleased with it. But because his furry paws are useless in installing it, he asked me to do it. Now I'm a technical kinda gal, and it shouldn't have been a problem... but I can't seem to get my Mac to 'see' the turntable. Tried all kinds of things but to no avail. So I had to set up my 'old' turntable again so I could rip a platter for you folks this week.
I hope to solve this so I can play with my new toy and Monsieur Maurice can watch the disk spin round and round and round ...

8 mei 2011

Come Saturday Morning - Jackie Gleason

Feelin' lazy today, so stretch out on your couch and dream away with me on the classy sounds of Mr. Jackie Gleason...

Side 1
01 Airport Love Theme
02 Easy Come Easy Go
03 Rainy Night In Georgia
04 Traces
05 Hey There Lonely Girl

Side 2
01 On A Clear Day (you can see forever)
02 Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head
03 Come Saturday Morning
04 Can't Help Falling In Love
05 Honey Come Back

My personal favorites are : The Airport Theme, Rainy Nights in Georgia and Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head.

30 apr. 2011

Goin' Out Of My Head - Nancy Wilson

Listen with me to the wonderful Mrs. Wilson.

Side 1
01 Goin' out of my head
02 Yesterday
03 No one else but you
04 The shadow of your smile
05 Uptight (everything 's alright)

Side 2
01 You've got your troubles
02 And I love him
03 Call me
04 You're gonna hear from me

Nice uptempo versions of the songs. Makes you wanna dance  !
I loooove 'Call Me'. But all of the tracks on the A side are pretty d*mn good too.

22 apr. 2011

Ferrante & Teicher - A Bouquet of Hits

Some Ferrante & Teicher for you all.
Nice renditions from the hits of the moment.

Side 1
01 Mac Arthur Park
02 By The Time I Get To Phoenix
03 Love Is Blue (l'amour est blue)
04 Theme From "Valley Of The Dolls"
05 Two Different Worlds
06 Mozart Piano Concerto N° 21 in C Major

Side 2
01 The Good, The Bad And Te Ugly
02 Honey
03 Goin' Out Of My Head
04 A Man Without Love (Quando M 'Innamoro)
05 Sunny
06 Why

I love the first 4 tracks on the A side. On the B side I my favorites are 'Goin' ot of my head' and ' Sunny'.

15 apr. 2011

Disappearing Links

It seems that a bunch of my RS Links have been taken down. As someone told me in one of the comments, the cover of Grammy Winners (of others that have some nudity on them) could have offended someone...
So I guess I'm going to have to censor these beautiful examples of coverart from now on...
It's such a shame.
I'm going to continue with my weekly posts and hope this all will blow over.


9 apr. 2011

Grammy Winners - Shoji Yokoughi Quartet and Symphonic Fusion

Another nice one for you all from Mr. Guitar Shoji Yokoughi.
As you will notice Mr Yokoughi's name is misspelled on the record jacket. Or maybe it's an alternative spelling... I don't know. My Japanese doesn't reach beyond konichiwa and arigato.

Side 1
01 Copacabana (at the Copa)
02 Just The Way You Are
03 Hotel California
04 Killing Me Softly With His Song
05 I Honestly Love You

Side 2
01 This Masquerade
02 You Light Up My Life
03 Love Will Keep Us Together
04 The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
05 You've Got A Friend

My personal favorites are the beautiful versions of Hotel California, Killing Me Softly and This Masquerade.
As always, go check out the comments.

2 apr. 2011

Discover Me - Roland Shaw

Put on your knitted Hot-Pants and dance !!!

Side 1
01 More
02 Our Day Will Come
03 I Walk Alone
04 The Surrey With The Fringe On Top

Side 2
01 Bubbling Brown Sugar
02 The Entertainer
03 Discover Me
04 How High The Moon

Check out the fantastic version of 'More', and 'The Surrey With The Fringe On Top' never sounded more funky.

This album is also known with this coverart :

Enjoy !

26 mrt. 2011

Sounds Mexico - Tony Mottola

Another Command upload for you.
Again my favorite Tony Mottola.

Side 1
01 La Raspa
02 Quando vuelva a tu lado (What a difference a day makes)
03 Tijuana Taxi
04 Vaya Con Dios
05 Peligro Bossa Nova (Danger)
06 Baile de Venezuala

Side 2
01 Baia
02 Cavaquinho
03 Cuando Calienta el Sol (Love me with all your heart)
04 La Mentira (Se Te Olvida)
05 Recado Bossa Nova
06 Yo Te Amo
Great lineup on this one with Doc Severinsen, Phil Kraus etç...
My absolutely favorite tracks on this one are : Quando vuelva a tu lado, Quando Calienta el Sol and Recado Bossa Nova.
You might know this album with the cover below.

Check out the comments for more...

12 mrt. 2011

Pete Murray Presents Ken Moule and the Full Score Orchestra

I've found a nice one for you all today.

Side 1
01 Both Sides Now
02 The Summer Knows
03 Misty Morning
04 What are you doing the rest of your life ?
05 Candlelight Lovers

Side 2
01 Baby I'm a want you
02 Sunflower
03 If I thought you'd ever change your mind
04 If
05 Goodbye to love
06 Autumn Wine

A few well known pop standards, a few compositions from the man himself... All beautifully executed.
Listen to the first track 'Both Sides Now'... you'll  know what I mean.
Great stuff !
Check out the comments.

5 mrt. 2011

Serenata - Pete Jolly

A nice album for you today

Side 1
01 Windows of the World
02 Serenata
03 Like A Lover
04 Little Green Apples
05 Dancing in the Street

Side 2
01 What The World needs Now
02 The Look of Love
03 Whistle While you Work
04 Love So Fine
05 Give A Damn

My favorite track is "Windows of the World". I love those Bacharach tunes and this is one fine interpretation. Then you have a finger snappin' jazz gem "Little Green Apples".  Side two contains mostly live recordings. Check out the wicked version of "Whistle While You Work".
Herb Alpert produced and wrote the liner notes on the back.
Hurry on to the comment-section !

2 mrt. 2011

Premiers Désirs - Soundtrack

'Cause it was Oscar night and all... I present to you a soundtrack that I bought as a teenager in '83.

I was sixteen (you can do the math...) Hopelessly romantic and absolutely crazy about the photography of David Hamilton. I guess he was more common in Europe... Girls my age had his photographs on their bedroom-walls. The only problem was that I couldn't go see his movies because the were +18.
So I bought the soundtracks, and dreamt my own movie... (which were probably better than the real stuff cause his movies where not that great...)
The soundtracks of Bilitis and Laura are easy to find on the net. This one is rare.
It has some beautiful theme's. They reoccur in the different tracks. The soundtrack reminds me a bit of Michel Legrand's Summer of '42.
I know it's somewhat different than the usual stuff in this blog, but hey... you can be brave...

Side 1
01 Premiers Désirs
02 Découverte de Caroline
03 Julia Drake, Pianiste
04 A Travers le Voile
05 En Bateau
06 L'Eté, Les Jeunes Filles
07 Le Port du Départ

Side 2
01 Le Premier Eté d'une Jeune Fille                                                                  
02 Découverte du Plaisir
03 La Nuit, La Forêt
04 Les Parasols
05 Le Trouble, Sur la Plage
06 La Jetée, Le Miroir, Le Baiser
07 Premiers Désirs (Final)

attention : as you can see the French titles have some é and ê's in them.  This gives some of the 'unzip' applications out there, some trouble. Just use a different program if it doesn't unzip completely.

19 feb. 2011

Yesterday - 3 filles en stéréo The Sisters of Charm

A charming record. The sisters are using the universal language of 'doodahdoo' and 'ladida' with a very nice french accent. I couldn't find much more information about them. It's the only record they've made.

On the back cover of the album the liner note says  (translation)
"A combination of Ray Conniff and the Swingle Singers, that's how you can describe The Sisters of Charm. Their sparkling interpretation gives a new dimension to these world hits."

Side 1
01 Yesterday
02 In a little Spanish Town
03 A Capella Serenade
04 Calcutta
05 People
06 Sweet Trip

Side 2
01 Les Feuilles Mortes
02 I Want to be Happy
03 The Great Way
04 The Sound of Silence
05 Dear Natacha
06 Blowin in the Wind

My favorite tracks are : Yesterday, A Capella Serenade and Sweet Trip.
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13 feb. 2011

Duncan Lamont - This Guy

This one is a jewel.
I found it the day before yesterday in a secondhand shop in my hometown.
An absolute funky gem.

Side 1
01 Ode To Billy Joe
02 This Guy
03 Hey Jude
04 Those were the days
05 Something in your eyes
06 Eleanor Rigby

Side 2
01 The son of Hickory Holler's Tramp
02 Mrs Robinson
03 Thank you Mr. Harris
04 MacArthur Park
05 Stay in my room

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5 feb. 2011

Ritmos Tropicales - David Carroll and his Orchestra

A nice record from Mercury's Super Stereo Sound series.

Side 1
01 In a little Spanish town
02 The breeze and I ( Andalucia)
03 Heartaches
04 Patricia
05 Besame Mucho
06 Parakeet

Side 2
01 By heck cha-cha-cha
02 Oye negra
03 I could have danced all night
04 Bijou
05 The lamp of memory
06 Baia

As you can see the cover is damaged a bit. Otherwise in fine condition.
My favorite tracks on this one are : In a little Spanish Town, The breeze and I, Besame Mucho and Baia

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24 jan. 2011

With Love From ... Apollo 100

This is something completely different, but it's something I like very much.

with Love from...
Apollo 100

Side 1
01 Listening to Mozart
02 Tamara
03 Dance Macabre
04 Opus 5
05 Telstar
06 Classical Wind

Side 2
01 Air on a 'G' String
02 Minuet for a funky Lady
03 Jazz Pizzicato
04 Libido
05 Nutrocker
06 Valleys

My favorite tracks are : Listening to Mozart, Tamara, Danse Macabre, Telstar, Air on a 'G' string and Libido.
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11 jan. 2011

Command : Romantic Accordeon - Charles Magnante

Another one from Command.
Some nice Latin tunes on accordeon.

Side 1
01 One Note Samba
02 Always in My Heart
03 Serenata
04 Andalucia (The Breeze And I)
05 The Girl From Ipanema
06 Brazil

Side 2
01 Meditacao
02 Romantic Accordeon
03 Amor
04 O Barquinho
05 Granada
06 Patricia

Great lineup on this one : Of course Charles Magnante on accordeon,  Tony Mottola on guitar, Dick Hyman on piano, Phil Kraus on marimba.
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3 jan. 2011

A small gift to ease the waiting : Enoch Light & The Light Brigade feat. Malcolm Dodds

Raindrops keep falling on my head
Enoch Light &The Light Brigade featuring Malcolm Dodds

Project 3

Side 1
01 Raindrops keep falling on my head

Side 2
01 Alice's Restaurant

A Project 3 promotional single, featuring 2 songs from the album "The Best Of The Movie Themes 1970"

It sounds like the record has been run over by a train, and I'm not particularly fond of the voice of Mr Dodds. But the arrangement on 'Raindrops' is nice (Dick Hyman), and I like  the 'wah-wah' sound.

Enjoy !
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