30 sep. 2010

Ecstasy - Manuel and the Music of the Mountains

A nice Manuel album for the 'Manuel-lovers' out there.
An early one in STEREO !  Before the studio2stereo label.

Side 1
01 Siboney
02  Non Dimenticar
03  Delicado
04 Spanish Harlem
05 Quando, Quando, Quando
06 Poinciana
07 Ecstasy

Side 2
01 Perfidia
02 Katyna
03 Munisterio 'e Santa Chiara
04 Sierra
05 Nicola
06 Tell me in September

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26 sep. 2010

Command : Spanish Guitar - Tony Motolla and his Orchestra

I got this album by chance. In the summer of 2009 I bought a few command albums on a flea market. Among them was Bongo's/ Flutes/ Guitars. I already had this album, but that was the European version (different coverart) so I bought it anyway. When I came home I discovered that the record inside was Spanish Guitar. So now I have a command record without a sleeve and a command sleeve without a record...
The coverart I added was found on the web. It's not a very good quality, and it's only front and back. If anybody can provide the coverart of this album in high-res (front, back, inside) I will be eternally grateful.

There are some cracks and jumps in this one. Especially track 02 Frenesi.
Sorry bout that.

Side 1
01 Beguine Tampico
02 Frenesi
03 Block Party in Barcelona
04 España Cañi
05 Lullaby de España
06 Lady of Spain

Side 2
01 Tico-Tico
02 Guitar Español
03 Granada
04 Dance of the Spanish Onion
05 Estrallita
06 Adios

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24 sep. 2010

Project 3 : That Midnight Touch - Bobby Hackett with Strings

Another smooth one to accompany Warm Feelings.

That Midnight Touch
Bobby Hackett with Strings

Side 1
01 My Foolish Heart
02 Laura
03 When You Awake
04 Emily
05 I Guess I'll Have to Dream the Rest
06 Delishious

Side 2
01 September Song
02 The Touch of your Lips
03 All too soo
04 Nancy
05 If you only where mine
06 Stars in my eyes

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21 sep. 2010

Project 3 : Warm Feelings - Tony Mottola

I love this album !
It's mellow and relaxed. Great tracks. Great musicians lineup Tony Mottola, Dick Hyman, Phil Kraus...
Enoch Light producer.

Side 1
01 (I want to) Make it with you
02 Tea for two
03 Theme from Love Story
04 Watchin' scotty grow
05 For all we know
06 It's too late

Side 2
01 Time and love
02 Stardust
03 It's impossible
04 Rainy days and mondays
05 If
06 Warm Feelings

again, this album is better known with the following cover. But I must admit I like my cover better ;-)

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20 sep. 2010

Command : Magnificent Movie Themes - Bobby Byrne and his Orchestra

A nice one !
Great lineup : Tony Mottola, Doc Severinsen, Dick Hyman, Robert Maxwell.... and many more

Magnificent Movie Themes
Bobby Byrne and his Orchestra

Side 1
01 You're gonna hear from me
02 The Phoenix love theme
03 Promise her anything
04 Theme from '"Judith"
05 Viva Maria
06 Theme from "the Chase"

Side 2
01 Lara's Theme
02 Made in Paris
03 Theme from "The spy who came in from the cold"
04 The Cincinnati Kid
05 Moment to moment
06 Thunderball

This record is also known with this cover :

Tracks are in different order. Otherwise the same I guess.

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16 sep. 2010

Command : More Persuasive Percussion (aka Persuasive Percussion 1966)

More Persuasive Percussion

Side 1
01 Autumn Leaves
02 Istanbul
03 People
04 This can't be love
05 September in the rain
06 Everything's coming up roses

Side 2
01 Caravan
02 a) Bye Bye Blues
      b) Rain
03 Red roses for a blue lady
04 Tonight
05 Who can I turn to ?
06 Never on Sunday

originated and produced by Loren Becker and Robert Byrne

This one is also known as Persuasive Percussion 1966

same tracklisting, different coverart.

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14 sep. 2010

Living Presence Stereo

And now a little something for everybody... some sweet vocals, some military brass, some surprising versions, some nice jazzy tunes.
Tracks to watch out for are : Guantanamera, Laura, Girl Talk

Living Presence Stereo

Side 1
01 Somethin' stupid - The Button-Down Brass feat the "Funky Trumpet" of Ray Davies
02 The Mighty Quinn - The Fontana Concert Orchestra
03 Trains and boats and planes - The Wally Scott Chorale
04 Guantanamera - Chaquito & The Quedo Brass
05 A Century of Progress - The Band of the Scots Guards - dir. of music Major James H. Howe
06 Laura - George Chisholm

Side 2
01 Eso beso - Bill McGuffie
02 Flamingo - Johnnie Gray and his Saxophones
03 The Tree Trumpeters - The Manchester CWS Band - cond. Alex Mortimer
04 Girl Talk - The Coffee Set
05 A Man without Love - Joe Henderson
06 A Taste of Honey - The Baroque Brass

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9 sep. 2010

Dynamic Mood Music in Sound Effect

So here is my mystery record. I know nothing about the Music Sound Orchestra, but it is a very good record. I guess it is some kind of 'demonstration record' for toshiba equipment. If you know more about this one, please let me know.
The songs are connected with various 'sound effects', so when 'sitting on the dock of the bay' starts, you can hear the seagulls crying and the water lapping against the docks.
Nice. Really 'moody'.
I've cut the tracks but didn't add 'silence' so when you burn the tracks without pauses you'll get the full effect.

I'm sorry about the quality of the coverart. When I get myself a flatbedscanner I promise to improve the quality.

There's a little 'jump' in 'Fly me to the moon'.

Enjoy !
(more in the comments)

Dynamic Mood Music in Sound Effect
The Music Sound Orchestra

Side 1
01 Vivre pour vivre
02 Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
03 Rain
04 Un homme et une femme
05 Tree coins in a fountain
06 (Sitting on) the dock of the bay

Side 2
01 Ebb tide
02 Fly me to the moon 
03 Sound of music
04 Wichita lineman
05 The long and winding road
06 Leaving on a jet plane

8 sep. 2010

Next One a 'Mystery Record'

Coming soon...
a 'mystery record', printing all in Japanese...
Title : Dynamic Mood Music in Sound Effect
Artists : The Music Sound Orchestra


7 sep. 2010

Command : Percussion Sound with Enoch Light

Side 1
01 Provocative Percussion
02 The Continental
03 Easy to Love
04 Theme for Exodus
05 Adios Muchachos
06 Pegan Love Song

Side 2
01 Far Away Places
02 Old Devil Moon
03 April in Portugal
04 Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive
05 Let's Do It

Enoch Light

Command : I Love Paris in Persuasive Provocative Percussion

Bought this one recently.
Never seen this one on the web.

Side 1
01 I love Paris
02 Whatever Lola wants
03 I'm in the mood for love
04 My heart belongs to daddy
05 Tabu
06 The breeze and I

Terry Snyder and theAll-Stars

Side 2
01 's Wonderful
02 Mood Indigo
03 Ain't misbehavin'
04 The man I love
05 Somebody loves me
06 Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

The Command  All-Stars

6 sep. 2010

Hello folks

My first few words on my first blog.
Hope to post regularly.
Hope to add a few new finds to loungeland.
Hope to make a few people happy with my music.

see you soon