The compilations that I post here were originally made for my own enjoyment and that of my family, but out of the generosity of my heart I want to share them with the world ! They are made with tracks from my own vinyl collection but also from tracks that I've collected trough the years from all over the internet. It's impossible to credit the original poster, but consider yourself utterly thanked.

1 sep. 2019

Mellow Yellow Fellow

Monsieur Maurice presents to you the 'British answer to Dylan'. A Mellow Yellow Fellow... A Sunshine Superman... Donovan.


    1 Sunshine Superman - Enoch Light
    2 Mellow Yellow - Noel Trevlac
    3 Jennifer Juniper - The Sandpipers
    4 Oh Gosh - Sandie Shaw
    5 Skip-A-Long Sam - Cleo Laine
    6 Epistle To Dippy - The John Schroeder Orchestra
    7 Season Of The Witch - Enoch Light
    8 Catch the Wind - The Nirvana Sitar and String Group
    9 Wear Your Love Like Heaven - Eartha Kitt
    10 Hurdy Gurdy Man - Button-Down Brass
    11 Trans-Love Airways - Big Jim Sullivan
    12 First There is a Mountain - Cal Tjader
    13 Colours - Shake Keane
    14 Mellow Yellow - Big Maybelle
    15 Sunny Goodge Street - Judy Collins
    16 Be Not Too Hard - Joan Baez
    17 Lalena - Anita Kerr Singers
    18 Young Girl Blues - Marianne Faithfull
    19 Hurdy Gurdy Man - Eartha Kitt
    20 Turquoise - Joan Baez
    21 Atlantis - Electronic Concept Orchestra
    22 Sunny Googe Street - The Mystic Moods Orchestra
    23 Poor Cow - Vic Lewis & His Orchestra
    24 Wear Your Love Like Heaven - Peggy Lipton

24 tracks of psychedelic colors drifting on essence of Patchouli.
Enjoy man !

15 aug. 2019

Happy Anniversary !

Chez Monsieur Maurice celebrates it's 2nd anniversary with a Re-Post Extraordinaire. 
All the links to all the compilations are updated. Grab them while they're hot!
You also can find them in the previous Re-Posts :

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Wunderbar !

Fabelhaft !

2 aug. 2019

Wunderbar Und Fabelhaft

As promised the second installment of German takes on well known Pop Songs. I hope you'll enjoy the trip trough this next European Holiday Destination Compilation.

Tracklist :

01 Erni Bieler - Lollipop
02 Bernd Spier - Einmal geht der Vorhang zu
03 Ramona - In Rosarotes Himmelbett
04 Heidi Bruehl - Mein Weg mit Dir
05 Rebekka - Ich seh dich mit meinen Augen
06 Penny Mc Lean - zwischen zwei Gefühlen
07 Drafi Deutscher - Weil ich dich liebe
08 Mary Roos - Für uns beide
09 John Dattelbaum - Maedchenschreck
10 Werner Overheidt - Hotel Zur Einsamkeit
11 Peter und der Wolf - Der Boxer
12 Hans Hass Jr, - American Pie I & II
13 Daliah Lavi - Wär ich ein Buch
14 Juliane Werding - Der ewige Soldat
15 Vicky Leandros Singers - Wo ist Er
16 Daliah Lavi - Wer hat mein Lied so zerstört, Ma
17 Holger Stern - Nächte im Schatten
18 Peter Alexander - Bist du einsam heut Nacht
19  Leo Leandros - Komm Mister Tallimann
20 Bill Ramsey - Casa Bambu
21 Gus Backus -  Papa Oh Momo

Tracks @ various bitrates. Link can be found in the comment section.
Enjoy !

30 jun. 2019

Fun in the Sun !

Summer holiday season has started !
The sun is beating us Belgians down with temperatures above 30°C.
In a country mainly known for its chocolate, beer and lousy weather, that's unusual and it's hard.
So Mr Maurice switches over into Summer mode and brings you a new installment of the 'European Holiday Destination Series'
Let's travel East and go to Germany. Enjoy the Bier, the Wurst, and the Deutsche P├╝nktlichkeit !


01 Ed Viller - Mein Erstes Konzert
02 Eddie Freytag - An Meiner Seite
03 Gerhard Dlugi - Gloria
04 The Blackberries - Ich Seh Black
05 The Black Stars - Ich Frag Dich Noch Einmal
06 Nina & Mike - Lola
07 Buddy Caine - Traenen Im Gesicht
08 Manuela - Etwas In Mir Wurde Traurig
09 Vicky Leandros - Sag Mir, Wo Ist Mein Boy
10 Marion - Warten Und Hoffen
11 Die Jacob Sisters - Was Hab Ich Dir Getan
12 Four Kings - Brötchen Und Milch
13 Peter Horton - Mrs Robinson
14 Juliane Werding- Am Tag Als Conny Kramer Starb
15 Carmela Corren - Donna Donna
16 Jasmin Bonnin - Angie
17 Cornflakes - Kein Weg Ist Zu Weit
18 Lill Lindfors - Viele Gehn Vorbei
19 Howard Carpendale - Geh Doch Nicht Am Gluck Voruber
20 Die Dorados - Keine Klasse
21 Boy Berger - Wulle Wulle  

21 well known tracks underwent the German Treatment. 
Sit back and enjoy !
You can find the link in the comment section.

For more European Holiday Vibes  (France - Italy) :
Bella Italia!
Vive La France!

Vive La France II

1 jun. 2019

Let's go to the Movies...

Monsieur Maurice presents to you a compilation of Movie and Show-themes from the Command vaults. Some are well known, some are hidden gems. But they all have been treated with the "Command - Je ne sais quoi".

1    Thunderball - Bobby Byrne & His Orchestra
2    Theme From "The Hustler" - Enoch Light and his Orchestra
3    Days Of Wine And Roses - Count Basie And His Orchestra
4    Charade - The Ray Charles Singers
5    Jean - Herb Larson
6    Love Theme From The Carpetbaggers - Enoch Light And His Orchestra
7    Secret Love - Count Basie And His Orchestra
8    Sing, Sing, Sing - Robert Maxwell & His Orchestra
9    Talk To The Animals - Bobby Byrne & His Orchestra
10    Georgie Girl - Walter Kime  And His "Brass Impact' Orchestra
11    Promise Her Anything - Bobby Byrne & His Orchestra
12    Mac The Knife - Dick Hyman & His Orchestra
13    More - The Ray Charles Singers
14    Moon River (from : ""Breakfast At Tiffany's") - Enoch Light and His Orchestra
15    A Man And A Woman - Benny Goodman
16    Mame - Count Basie And His Orchestra
17    Sentimental Journey - Enoch Light And His Orchestra
18    I Could Have Danced All Night - Enoch Light And His Orchestra
19    With A Song In My Heart - Enoch Light And His Orchestra
20    Over The Rainbow - Enoch Light And His Orchestra

This compilation has been put together with tracks from my personal vinyl collection and all the tracks are 320 kbps. As always you can find the link in the comment section.

1 mei 2019

Blame it on the Bossa Nova...

Today's offering is a compilation of Bossa Nova and Brazilian themed songs from the Command Records vaults.

Tracklist :

01    Song Of The Jet - The Ray Charles Singers
02    The Girl From Ipanema - Tony Mottola
03    Fly Me To The Moon - Dick Hyman & His Orchestra
04    Meditation - Enoch Light And His Orchestra
05    Laia Ladaia - Walter Kime  And His "Brass Impact" Orchestra
06    Brazil - Charles Magnante
07    Peligro Bossa Nova (Danger) - Tony Mottola
08    No More Blues - The Ray Charles Singers
09    Hello, Dolly !  - Enoch Light And His Orchestra
10    What's New - Bob Haggart & His Orchestra
11    Big Ben Bossa - Dick Hyman & His Orchestra
12    The Piano Lesson - The Hellers
13    One Note Samba - Charles Magnante
14    Quiet Nights - The Ray Charles Singers
15    La Mentira (Se Te Olvida) - Tony Mottola
16    O Baraquinho - Charles Magnante
17    Brasilia -Tony Mottola
18    Recado Bossa Nova - Tony Mottola
19    Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White - Enoch Light And His Orchestra
20    The Constant Rain - Walter Kime  And His "Brass Impact" Orchestra
21    Adios - The Ray Charles Singers

As always all music comes out of my personal vinyl collection.
Enjoy !

1 apr. 2019

Sing a song...

Let's focus on the vocal groups in the world of Command Records. The main group being The Ray Charles Singers (not that Ray Charles, another one...) Their honey dripping harmonies come to you in full stereo on this next compilation of MM in Command

Tracklist :

1 This Could Be The Start Of Something - The Ray Charles Singers
2 Veni Veni - The Ray Charles Singers
3 April In Paris - Lew Davies & His Orchestra
4 Desafinado - The Ray Charles Singers
5 Embraceble You - The Ray Charles Singers
6 Do You Want To Know A Secret - The Ray Charles Singers
7 The Mist Of Time - The Hellers
8 It's 74 In San Francisco - The Hellers
9 Let's Do It - Lew Davies & His Orchestra
10 Give Me That Old Time Religion - The Ray Charles Singers
11 I'm Bound For That City - The Ray Charles Singers
12 I Can't Get Around In The Morning - The Hellers
13 Move Me, O Wonderous Music - The Ray Charles Singers
14 Don't Blame Me - The Ray Charles Singers
15 Misty - The Ray Charles Singers
16 Now The Day Is Over - The Ray Charles Singers
17 Goodbye - The Ray Charles Singers
18 Aloha Oe - The Ray Charles Singers

Meanwhile I added this 'globe' thingy to my blog. I thought it fun to see where in the world the music of Monsieur Maurice is appreciated.  After a few days I noticed something strange...
The green dots are people that visited the blog... but notice the green dot south of Africa in the middle of the Southern Ocean...

Who's that ??? Where does he live ??? On a boat ???
If you are the mystery visitor please come forward in the comment section. I would love to know where you are.

Monsieur Maurice