The compilations that I post here were originally made for my own enjoyment and that of my family, but out of the generosity of my heart I want to share them with the world ! They are made with tracks from my own vinyl collection but also from tracks that I've collected trough the years from all over the internet. It's impossible to credit the original poster, but consider yourself utterly thanked.

9 jul. 2018

Anniversary Extravaganza

To mark the 1 year anniversary of the revived Chez Monsieur Maurice, I took the effort of re-upping all the previous posts.
Grab them while they're hot!

Monsieur Maurice

Easy Living Vol.1         
            Easy Living Vol. 2

Easy Living Vol.3
MM's Eurovision Vol.1
MM's Eurovision Vol.2

MM's Eurovision Vol.3

MM Digs Carpenters
MM Digs Glen Campbell
MM Digs Bob Dylan

MM Digs Mo' Bob Dylan

MM Digs Simon & Garfunkel
MM Digs Sgt. Pepper
MM's Mixtape Vol.2
MM's Mixtape Vol.1
MM's Mixtape Vol.4
MM's Mixtape Vol. 3

More Undun

Soulfully Undun

MM Signature Paul Simon
SleazeBox Compilation
MM's Stereo Elton
MM's Stereo Tom Jones
MM's Stereo Beegees

Vive La France Vol.1
Vive La France Vol.2

4 opmerkingen:

  1. C’est la première fois que je viens ici. Merci bien!

    1. Bienvenue Tony. J'espère que vous pourrez découvrir des belles choses.

      Monsieur Maurice