The compilations that I post here were originally made for my own enjoyment and that of my family, but out of the generosity of my heart I want to share them with the world ! They are made with tracks from my own vinyl collection but also from tracks that I've collected trough the years from all over the internet. It's impossible to credit the original poster, but consider yourself utterly thanked.

30 mei 2017

MM Digs Simon & Garfunkel

Monsieur Maurice digs lots of things. But the music of Simon and Garfunkel takes him way back when he was a little kittycat and he played the records of his older brother and sisters. There he found the Bridge over Trouble water album, and he loved it. So today he home-baked a  new version of that album and added some extra's.

1  Medley Sound of Silence/Scarborough FairCanticle -The Mystic Moods Orchestra
2  El Condor Pasa - Antony Ventura & His Orchestra
3  So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright - Paul Desmond
4  The Sound of Silence - Carmen McRae
5  Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall - Wout Steenhuis & The Wedgewoods
6  Homeward Bound -The Mystic Moods Orchestra
7  Keep the Customer Satisfied - Marsha Hunt
8 Cecilia - Frank Pourcel
9  April Come She Will - Carlo Monteverdi & his Orchestra
10  The Sound of Silence - Sisters of Charm
11  I Am A Rock - Carlo Monteverdi & his Orchestra
12  Mrs Robinson - David Snell
13  Scarborough Fair - Gershon Kingsley
14  Bridge Over Troubled Water - Enoch Light
15 The Boxer - Terry Baxter
16  For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her - Paul Desmond
17  Scarborough Fair - Tony Mottola
18  Feelin' Groovy - Doris Day
19  Cloudy -The Mystic Moods Orchestra
20  Bye Bye Love - Carlos Piper Orquestra

Let's do it again !

As George Gershwin so eloquently wrote... My friends I'm gonna 'Do it again' !
Today is the new start of Chez Monsieur Maurice 2.0
As you can read in the header, I'm not going to post any full albums anymore. I just want to share my home baked compilations. I know that's not for everybody's taste... but that's how it's gonna be.
Take it or leave it.
I make these compilations mainly for the enjoyment of myself and especially my sister. She asked me a few weeks ago if she was my only fan ? That got me thinking and the idea of starting up the old blog started to brew.
So here it goes.
I will be posting every two weeks or so. The files will be available for 1 month. After that it's Sayonara. No reposts.
As much as I enjoy putting together these compilations, I also enjoy designing the artwork. I'm adding the covers of my own design inside the file. They are made to fit the slim, wraparound, made in China cd boxes that I use.  So cut and crop to make them fit the ones you use if necessary.
I would love some feedback of course. But I especially hope that you all will become my new fans and enjoy this music as much as I do.