18 mrt. 2012

Sorry 'bout the hiatus ...

I was a bit in a funk after the whole DMCA debacle. Had a deja-vu of files disappearing one after the other...
But I've crawled out of my funk and here's Diva n° 2.
The wonderful Quincy Jones conducts.

This is the Dutch pressing. Couldn't find a release date on this.  But you may know the US pressing with this sleeve, released 1961

Side 1
01 Bewiched
02 Wee Small Hours
03 Mood Indigo
04 Am I Blue ?
05 I'm a Fool To Want You
06 Tears And Laughter

Side 2
01 Secret Love
02 You Do Something To Me
03 If I Should Lose You
04 Jeepers Creepers
05 Wake The Town and Tell The People
06 I Just Found Out About Love

5 opmerkingen:

  1. http://www.sharebeast.com/tn2e44nd1knp

    I'm trying a new download service
    Let me know if it's a good idea.


  2. Cheers, and cheer up, MM. Don't let the suits get you down.

  3. Good idea! This should be done immediately after the DMCA attacks...

  4. Good to see you back and don't let the bast.rds get you down.
    Sharebeast is a good service for downloading - relatively fast (heck of a lot faster than Rapidshare) and very user friendly.

  5. We missed you Heidi & Monsieur.
    Welcome back!