28 nov. 2011

My favourite Manuel

To end this november theme I present to you  my favourite Manuel album. It 's exactly as old as I am! It is filled with beautiful music. It sounds fresh.
The original Geoff Love track 'Beyond the Mountains' is a real gem.

Side 1
01 El Rancho Grande
02 Shangri-La
03 The Umbrella's Of Cherbourg
04 Stranger in Paradise
05 Dancers Of El Paso
06 Beyond The Mountains

Side 2
01 Over the Rainbow
02 Spanish Eyes
03 Carnaval In Mexico
04 Lisboa Antigua
05 St. Tropez
06 Arriverderci Roma

 Enjoy !

20 nov. 2011

The birth of Manuel

Geoff Love made this album in 1960, and for the first time he used his 'alter ego' Manuel. It's pre studio2stereo. This album is in MONO. If you want to look for the stereo version, check out the blog 'Easy Listening World'. You can find it in the links section of this blog.

Side 1
01 Mexican Hat Dance
02 You Belong to my Heart (Solamente una vez)
03 Plaza de Toros
04 The Mountains are Crying (Ay Ay Ay)
05 Song of the Barefoot Contessa (My Gypsy Heart)
06 Mexican Lullabye
07 The Wedding Song

Side 2
01 The Three Caballeros
02 Song of the Mountains
03 April in Portugal (Coimbra)
04 Song of Mexico
05 Bolero Gaucho (Without my Lover)
06 Luna Rossa (Blushing Moon)
07 Be Mine (La Paloma)

Enjoy !

12 nov. 2011

Double Feature : Music of the Movies

In 1977, EMI re-issued  the studio 2 stereo Manuel albums 'Sunrise Sunset' and 'Manuel and the Music of the Movies' as a double album. So today you are getting 2 for the price of 1.
They didn't bother much with the coverart. Just took the 'Music of the Movies' sleeve and added the 'blue line' logo.

Side 1 and 2 is the album "Sunrise, Sunset" from 1967. Side 3 and 4 is the album "Manuel and the Music of the Movies" from 1970.

Side 1
01 I, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi (I like you very much)
02 I talk to the trees
03 Sunrise, sunset
04 Softly as in a sunrise
05 Yesterdays
06 Viva Carmen

Side 2
01 Baubles, bangles and beads
02 The song is you
03 Theme from 'the bible'
04 So in love
05 Who can say
06 Carioca

Side 3
01 Wand'rin star
02 Women in love
03 Midnight cowboy
04 Life goes on and on
05 The lonely ones
06 The windmills of your mind

Side 4
01 Raindrops keep fallin' on my head
02 A time for love
03 The story of Santa Vittoria
04 One brief summer
05 On days like these
06 Love theme from Romeo and Juliet

My personal preference goes out to the 1970 album 'Manuel and the Music of the Movies'. It's more 'lush'. The 1967 album 'Sunrise, Sunset' sounds more bubbly.
Enjoy this 'double feature' !

7 nov. 2011

November theme : Manuel

November's going to be Manuel Month !
We start of with Blue Waters by Manuel and The Music Of The Mountains. A nice collection of classic popular tunes. As the liner notes say : "The world of Manuel is timeless." So enjoy this months theme.

Side 1
01 Quizas, Quizas, Quizas
02 Tara's Theme
03 The Man Who Loves You Well
04 Tabu
05 Autumn In Venice
06 Serenata

Side 2
01 Somewhere My Love
02 Blue Waters
03 El Cumbanchero
04 Amanda
05 Autumn Concerto
06 Strangers In The Night